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How much will my move cost?

Our upfront, all-inclusive pricing system promises that what we agree upon in advance is exactly what you get on moving day. There are no surprises, hidden costs or other tricks. We look at your needs and requirements in advance, think about all the details, and calculate a price that accounts for inventory, logistics, and services of your move. In the spirit of fairness and honesty, we keep our pricing process fully transparent.

We consider this critera for quotes:

1. The nuber of boxes and bags tou will have as well as a list of fiurniure items. Once we have a list of items we'll calculate a flat rate that will not change:

2. The total distance travelled between the 2 or more locations We consider factors such as driving time and gas.

3. Other considerations & facotrs effecting price:

  • Is there a long distance from the the sidewalk to get tot he building entrance or elevator? Are there any stairs leading to the elevator or is there elevator switching involved?
  • How many flights of stairs are there at either location if no elevator and are there additional stairs at the entrance?
  • Are there any oversized items, antique, very expensive items or furniture with glass or marble? Please let us know so we are properly prepared.

4. When do you want to move? The peak days of the month usually the 24th to the 2nd are higher in price as is standard industry practice.

5. Do you need the following?:

  • Disassembly and reassembly of anything necessary
  • Packing and/or unpacking
  • Cleaning old apartment or rubbish removal

Once you receive your free flat rate you can be rest assured that the price we agreed upon is the price you pay.

What is your tipping policy?

It is customary to tip movers 15%-25% oof the total split between all movers involved. Tipping is completely voluntary. However, it is important to note that tips are a part of the income for your moving crew and as such, they are tremendously appreciated! Please tip them each individually as they would personally like to acknwledge you.

We do NOT charge customers for our parking tickets. Thank you for being our customer.

How do I secure my move date and time?

We require a 25% deposit in order to reserve your moving date and crew. Your deposit will be deducted from the total cost of the move. Please note that your deposit is non-refundable if you cancel your move within 48 hours of the scheduled date & time for any reason.

Do you accept credit cards or PayPal?

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal as well.

When is the best time to move?

As the busiest time of the month is between the 24th and the 2nd of each month, we encourage customers to book their moves 10 days in advance if possible to ensure we have sufficient crew availability. We do however accommodate last minute moves.

Why is there a 1 hour window for moving during the afternoon?

Most of the time moving crews perform two moves per working day. Sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances, the morning move takes longer than planned (trffic, etc). This is why the afternoon move is usually scheduled within a 1 hour window. Rest assured the majority of our afternoon moves do start on time at the beginning of the 1 hour window.

Do you live in a doorman building?

Most doormen building have restrictions about moving which is usually between 9AM-5PM, weekdays only. They also require a “certificate of insurance” (COI) to allow the movers to perform ypur move in their building. Please contact your building management to get the Certificate Holder's name & address and if there is any Additionally Insured we'll need there name & address as well. You can also email us a Sample Certificate from your building management company which lists all the information necessary to issue a COI.

What should be boxed to safely transport my belongings?

Keep your smaller items secured by boxing them. Other items that should be boxed or at least bubble wrapped are TV’s, paintings, lamps, musucal iinstruments or other fragile items. We use shrinkwrap and blankets of your furniture.

What other materials will I need?

If you are planning on packing items yourself (the best way to save money on your move!), along with moving boxes, you will also need packing tape and packing paper and bubble wrap.

Other than moving boxes or bubble wrap, we do not charge for other material, including tape, blankets & dollies.

What about my Plasma or LCD TV?

If it is not in its original box or double bubble wrapped then we can do it for you.

Will my furnishings remain clean?

Of course! In fact, we typically wrap furniture with a shrinkwrap before we layer it with blankets.

Can I keep things in drawers or other furniture?

While furniture's function is to secure and organize your items, they are not made to move them and adversley affect the joints of furniture (especially bad for particleboard furniture like IKEA) causing them to weaken. As a result all furniture must be empty. If you don't want to pack clothing, linens, bedding or other soft items in boxes you could place them in strong contractor bags you can find any any hardware store (usually 3MIL thick).

Can you move my jewelry, laptop and other valuables?

We do not move money, valuable papers or art, laptops or jewelry. Please take these items with you.

Can you move my house plants?

Absolutely as long as they are in open top boxes to safely transport them without spilling over.

How will you move a baby crib?

Crib should be moved disassembled or we can do that for you too? Just ask.

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